Visual Identity

Visual Identity

Visual Identity CONCEPt

The concept of the visual identity proposed to the 2016 Women’s Fistball World Championship was born out of the ideia to emphasize the importance of Curitiba to the Fistball. The base it’s about a representation of the pavement of the General Osorio Square, a mosaic carpet, with drawings of the Paraná Rosette, with pines on the side, based on the Lange of Morretes. The player represents the women on the event, in the position of attack which simbolizes the competition of the sport. Visual Identity.
Identidade Visual

Malha de ConstruçãoConstruction Fabric

The drawing of the brand is designed towards the relation between it’s elements ; the distance and the alignment stabilished offers a visual feeling of balance, harmony and stability. The diagram allows the view of the brand geometry and the squared fabric states the proportion between the elements.


Área de ProteçãoProtection Area

The protection area aims to preserve the visibility and the reading of the brand, preventing the excessive aproximation of other elements. Therefore, no information or graphic elements ( words, other signatures, etc) may overcome the assigned space for the X Module, equal to the height of 1/3.


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  1. Hallo wie heisst die strasse wo die WM der Fauen – Faustball ist , da in Curitiba
    Gruss Fritz

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